Recognizing Our Generous Angus Foundation Supporters!


The Angus Foundation's education, youth and research endeavors are made possible only because of the generous help from our supporters and in return, we want to appropriately recognize them for their support.


In 2004, the Angus Foundation implemented a new recognition program that will enable every supporter, regardless of giving level, to be recognized and enable the Angus Foundation to express its gratitude accordingly.


This recognition program is listed below.


Levels of giving

* All supporters will be recognized in the Angus Foundation's newsletter, annual report and website regardless of their giving level.


Merchandise purchases are not recognized in the donor recognition program.


2017 fiscal year donors
2016 fiscal year donors
2015 fiscal year donors
2014 fiscal year donors
2013 fiscal year donors
2012 fiscal year donors
2011 fiscal year donors
2010 fiscal year donors
2009 fiscal year donors
2008 fiscal year donors
2007 fiscal year donors
2006 fiscal year donors
2005 fiscal year donors
2004 fiscal year donors
2003 fiscal year donors
2002 fiscal year donors


Note: Donor recognition levels include contributions from cash and in-kind donations. Items donated and sold at auction are included in the giving levels at the cash sales value for both the donor and the buyer. If an item is sold in conjunction with other in-kind donations, the gift value of an individual item is established at its estimated retail value.


Recognition Disclaimer:

* A note to our supporters: We appreciate your generous donations to the Angus Foundation, and we want to recognize everyone accordingly with 100% accuracy. If we have inadvertently made an error, please contact the Angus Foundation at 816-383-5100 with concerns or corrections.


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