Building an Angus Legacy Complete!


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Our many thanks again for your generous financial support a few months back through Building an Angus Legacy with your purchase of an engraved granite paver. Your enthusiasm for this project is shared by us and we wanted to catch you up on our progress.


November 3, 2014

Building an Angus Legacy Ribbon Cutting


Welcoming visitors to the Association is a brand-new entryway, lined with granite planters and pavers that pay tribute to the Angus breed’s devoted farmers and ranchers. The project was made possible thanks to donors to the Angus Foundation’s “Building an Angus Legacy” project. Prior to the open house, the Angus Foundation hosted a ribbon cutting to dedicate the new walkway at the Association headquarters.

“On this noteworthy day for the Angus Foundation, we were honored to have buyers of the planters and pavers present for the event where they were able to see where their paver or planters is placed at Association headquarters,” says Milford Jenkins, Angus Foundation president. “It marks a long process, great people and hard work to create such a beautiful entryway for the Association and fundraising opportunity for the Angus Foundation.”

Attendees at the Angus Foundation Ribbon Cutting

Association President Gordon Stucky, Angus Foundation Chairman Scott Foster, Angus Foundation President Milford Jenkins and Chief Executive Officer Bryce Schumann all spoke on behalf of the Association and Angus Foundation about “Building an Angus Legacy”.

“We had more than five bus-loads of people in attendance for the ribbon cutting and open house, and that really proves that our members are involved, and they are excited about the Association,” Foster says. “To see their names as part of the entryway, and to be recognized as a part of Angus history, is really exciting and special for them.”

Also in attendance were the following state and city dignitaries: Bill Falkner, Saint Joseph, Mo., mayor; Patt Lilly, Saint Joseph Chamber of Commerce president and chief operating officer; Matt Berry, Congressman Sam Graves field representative; Rob Schaff, Missouri State Senator; and Pat Conway, State Representative.

Representing the Agri-business Expo Center were Sharon Cornelius, Susie Mires, Marty Grey and Gerald Sprong. In addition, Roger VanVickle of VanVickle Monument, Saint Joseph, Mo., were recognized for their role in project construction.


Wanda and Richard Wilson, Association CFO appluade once the ribbon is cut President Gordon Stucky and Foundation Chairman Scott Foster cut the ribbon The final granite planter which was auctioned that night during the supporter event


August 20, 2014

Phase I of Building an Angus Legacy is complete!



The completed walkway to the American Angus Association


July 2014

Now, with pavers and planters put into place the only thing left is the landscape to finish Phase I of Building an Angus Legacy.



June 2014

Granite planters were placed by crane and adjusted onto the wall.


Granite Planters put into place on the wall Granite Planters put into place on the wall Granite Planters put into place on the wall



May 23, 2014

Ground pavers are almost finished. Construction is almost complete! Just a few more finishing touches.


Ground pavers are almost complete


May 20, 2014

Walls are almost finished and ground pavers were placed.


Wall completion south side Wall completion north side Ground pavers going in


May 14, 2014

After a few days, of much needed rain, the concrete has dried and ready for the granite pavers to be placed.


Concrete floor complete


May 7, 2014

Walls are going up! Brick by brick construction continues.


Wall construction Wall construction Wall construction


April 28, 2014

Progress on "Building an Angus Legacy" is making way! Demolition of the old walkway and digging for the wall footings were on today's agenda.


Continue to stay tuned for updates as the progress continues!


Construction on April 28


February 28, 2014

The granite planters at VanVickle Monument in St. Joseph, Mo.


Engraving on the planters will begin as soon as weather permits the team at VanVickle Monument to use their equipment.


All four granite planters at VanVickle Monument


VanVickle Monument of St. Joseph, is on schedule to finish engraving the beautiful granite pavers in the next couple of weeks. (left) A close up view of some of the completed pavers. (right) A stack of completed pavers ready to be brought on site when construction begins.


Stacked and completed pavers Close view of some of the completed pavers


January 2014


Weather permitting, J. W. McGlade Masonry Contractors Co., will break ground and start construction on the new walkway entrance in early March with a projected completion date of May 1.


Additionally, we wish to take this opportunity to invite you to be our special VIP guest(s) during the American Angus Association’s “Ribbon Cutting” to be held here in St. Joseph the afternoon of November 3 during the 2014 Angus Means Business National Convention and Trade Show. This event will feature a formal unveiling of the new walkway showcasing the beautiful granite pavers and planters.


We share the excitement of those Angus enthusiasts who purchased an engraved granite paver during Phase I of our "Builiding an Angus Legacy" project a few months back. Your enthusiasm for this permanent part of the American Angus Association that will carry on you and your Angus farm/ranch legacy in the future at your Association’s headquarters is greatly appreciated.


About the Project


Angus Foundation Brick Naming Drive Angus Foundation Brick Naming Drive Angus Foundation Brick Naming Drive


Leave your legacy behind in the Angus breed at the American Angus Association’s headquarters in St. Joseph, Mo., all while supporting your Angus Foundation and its youth, education and research programs. “Building an Angus legacy!” is a fundraising opportunity that was available only for a limited time, March 1–July 15, 2013.


Angus Foundation Brick Naming DriveThe American Angus Association front entrance walkway will be completely remodeled with black granite and red brick to match the historic building.


Recognition could be on a 6 X 12-inch (in.) granite paver or a 12 X 12-in. paver. These two sizes will be placed in the ground at the entrance. Twenty-four 8 X 16-in. granite pavers will be laid within the brick walls leading up to the Association door on the sides of the entryway.


Only text will be allowed on the granite pavers, and each paver size has line and character limits to follow. However, in addition to the granite pavers, there will be the opportunity to be recognized on one of four granite planters, which will be displayed prominently at the remodeled entrance. The four planters will be the only opportunities to have a farm/ranch brand or logo engraved into the granite.


Future Opportunities Angus enthusiasts wishing to purchase an engraved paver will want to stay tuned. Phase II donation levels will be announce at a later date.