Establishing Angus Foundation Scholarships


What are the benefits of establishing a scholarship?

Sally Yon receives scholarship
Sally Yon, a native of South Carolina, was the first scholarship recipient of the NJAA Alumni and Friends Scholarship Endowment, meant to create more scholarship opportunities for deserving Angus youth of the NJAA and to inspire other juniors and alumni to “give back” to the NJAA. She received this award at the 2011 National Junior Angus Show in Harrisburg, Penn.

Establishing a scholarship through the Angus Foundation can be very rewarding and satisfying for Angus breeders, allied industry interests and friends of the Angus breed in knowing that their financial support will help empower young men and women to realize their dreams of acquiring a college education. With the ever-increasing costs involved in attending college, the availability of a scholarship(s) is becoming more and more frequently the determining factor in whether an aspiring young man or woman can even afford to pursue a higher education. The benefits of establishing a scholarship can last a lifetime, for both the donor and the scholarship recipient!


A scholarship(s) provides donors an opportunity to permanently leave their own Angus (personal name or farm/ranch name) legacy, honor, or pay tribute to an Angus mentor or fellow esteemed Angus breeder. Benefits of funding a scholarship(s) also include a convenient vehicle to permanently memorialize a beloved family member or Angus friend in a meaningful and lasting profound manner while simultaneously assisting young men and women in obtaining their educations.


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The two types of scholarship arrangements available to our donors are as follows:


Annually Funded Scholarship

Annually funded scholarships are those that are funded each year by Angus breeders, allied industry interests and friends. An annual minimum gift of $1,000 will provide a scholarship for a deserving Angus youth. Donors may choose on an annual basis to continue to provide scholarship funding.


Endowed Scholarship

Scholarship endowments can be established with a single gift of cash, securities or other property, or may be funded with a series of gifts made over time. They can also be funded through a bequest or other deferred gifts, or through a combination of lifetime and deferred gifts.


The scholarship will be awarded one year after the minimum required funding level of $10,000 is endowed. If the donor, family member or other interested persons contribute beyond the minimum funding level, additional scholarships or more competitive stipends are made possible.


The amount that may be awarded from each endowment is established through a spending policy adopted by the Angus Foundation Board of Directors. In setting the spending policy, a combination of investment goals and objectives are taken into consideration including balancing of maximizing short-term expenditure while simultaneously striving for long-term growth. Without growth, scholarship endowments will lose their "purchasing power" over time. Spending from endowment is calculated on the three-year moving average of the market value of the endowment.


Donors will receive information about each student who is awarded their scholarship(s) as well as regular communication from the recipient. Many lasting friendships have been forged between donors and "their" recipients.


Regardless of whether the scholarship is an annually funded scholarship or one that is funded each year from a permanent endowment, the donor can name the scholarship and establish the scholarship selection criteria utilizing the Angus Foundation's scholarship application guidelines and counsel from staff.


Examples of spending amounts available annually for expenditure (i.e., scholarships, awards, etc.) generated by respective endowment levels based on the Angus Foundation’s current spending policy of five percent are as follows:


*Spending Amount Available Endowment Level
$12,500 $250,000
$5,000 $100,000
$2,500 $50,000
$1,000 $20,000
$750 $15,000
$500 $10,000


*Projected annual revenue amounts are based on a spending policy rate of 5% of the endowment’s three-year moving average market value. The spending policy is reviewed annually by the Angus Foundation Board of Directors and can be adjusted.